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Fabulous Evening of Accomplishments!

I was able to get TWO very important things done last night.  First, after over a month of trying to recover my crashed Mythbuntu installation on my Mac mini, I finally got it up and running again!  Here is how I did it:


I did, however, skip the part about converting MBR partition table entries from GPT entries, because when I did it the first time my Mythbuntu didn’t boot anymore.  So I avoided that step, and I can boot into Myth now.


Second, I turned my Myth installation into a wireless bridge!  Useful for me when I troubleshoot computers at home.  Here’s how I did that (note I used the Firestarter option):


Help me please!

I like playing around with programs and gadgets. If anyone has a skype account, can you join me in testing out its whiteboard? If interested, please email me at, or call me at (405) 771-0287

Time is running out!

May is coming to a close. If you still want me to look at your system remotely at no charge, call (405) 771-0287 to schedule an appointment.

Want to view AVIs on your iPhone or iPod touch?

The ⁠blog⁠ posting has been more sporadic lately, partly due to the fact I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. Nothing special hit me at work today, other than the successful implementation of the purgos remote access software.

Checking my rss feeds at the casino one day I found out about an iPhone app I had to try out. It’s called airvideo, and what this will do is allow you to stream videos in different formats, like AVI, MPG, et al. without having to convert first. Just install the app on your iphone or ipod touch, install the server on your Windows PC or Mac, and you’re set. If you have AVIs or MPGs and you hate converting them before watching them on your iPhone/iPod Touch give this program a go.

My first NBA playoff game…..

….was PHENOMENAL!  It was impossible to stand in that stadium and not be influenced by the energy and the emotion of the fans in the Ford Center.  Generally I just sit there, text, and surf the web on my phone at the few games I attended this year, but this time I was actually out of my seat throughout the game as for most of the game the Thunder would close in and the Lakers would pull away.

Here is a link to all the photos I took.   Some look decent; others don’t.  I took this opportunity to play around with the settings of the camera to get what I thought was the best for where I was, which was the second row from the ceiling.

Click here for highlights.

Don’t Forget!

I’m working on setting up a new theme for my blog, and getting my freebies hooked up for you all.  Stay Tuned!